The Cost of Peace


This should have gone up on day one. It should have. Today there are no should ofs. Today there are only opportunities.

Last night within the realm of interactions there came a boundary crossed. Normally when different boundaries were crossed it was met with silence and then later anger and disdain. The conflict that was experienced kept bouncing around. It almost erupted into a full on conflict.

This time the reaction was different. Yes I WAS angry. But I paused. I prayed. I slipped into another person’s shoes and thought…I value this relationship. How can we solve this and move on.

The thing about peace is that it is not passive. It is active. It will take on a life of its own. It colors the world with a different way of seeing and knowing. Peace is messy. Peace is vulnerable. Peace is reconciliation. Peace is a journey.

After the conflict was resolved there was a sense of connection and sharing. Hearts were open and it was beautiful. There was laughter and tears.

Last year my journey was with the Prince of Peace…this year? it is responsible and responding in peace.

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