Somtimes I offend People

Sometimes I offend people. I hate that I do it. Especially on this holiday season, where I want so badly to promote peace and love, I hate that my thoughts on peace are very likely to make people angry with me. (Or make them think that I’m angry at them).

But I can’t help it. I am so passionate for peace- specifically, peace between nations. For most of my life I scoffed at the idea of a world without war. I thought, like most people do, that war was inevitable, even necessary. But then things changed. I no longer saw it as necessary, and then it was only a matter of time before I stopped seeing it as inevitable too.

I think that we can end wars. I think all men have a choice whether to fight their fellow man or not. I think that they can choose to not. And I think the world would be a better place for it. I think we can have peace.

But it’s okay if you don’t agree with me. I think I nothing less of you for it. I know that it’s a crazy idea. Almost all of the people that I love most in this world disagree with me. The nice thing about being the person with crazy opinions is that it’s harder to think that the people that disagree with you are monsters.

I’ve learned a lot by being the weird-o with crazy ideas. I’ve learned how to disagree with someone without hating them.

So I ask you: Let’s have peace. Let’s show each other kindness even though we disagree. I don’t want to be the lunatic raving against the wars of nations while making enemies of all that hear me. I am going to say things that may shock and offend you, things that you will know -deep down in your bones- are wrong. But it’s only because I feel deep down in MY bones that you are the one that’s wrong.

You are most likely very similar to me. If we can’t have peace -even though we disagree-when we come from the same nation, speak the same language, maybe even pray to the same God.. how can the nations have peace? I believe that men need not kill each other because of the differences of their governments. And that MUST start with not hating each other because of the differences of their opinions.


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