Peace Loop

A couple of years ago it was late, and everyone in the house was asleep. I wrote this simple part and played it into a loop pedal. I sat in my basement for hours playing it over and over. There was something special about that night. I’ve played this song many times since it came to me. I’ve even used it in other projects. I was going to re-record this version for today’s post, but in all my efforts I couldn’t recapture the magic of this one. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. Today’s music is so produced and so perfected with timing and tuning edits that the end result almost isn’t human sounding. I like some of that music, however I listen to a lot of interviews and, hear artist after artist talking about learning the lesson that the perfect take isn’t always the one that captures the song. This was far from a perfect take, and I have gotten much better at playing it. The audio quality is terrible. This is the one though. There’s something going on here that I didn’t do. From time to time I latch onto something flowing through this world, and I ride it as long as I can. I hooked into a deep peace in that nasty cold basement at two o’clock in the morning. It lasted for a couple of hours. Here’s 5 minutes and 33 seconds of it.



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