Peace in Flow

There is this thing called flow. You should google it. Or watch the documentary “Happy” on Netflix. I’m sure flow has happened to you. You’ll be working at some task, nothing in particular, and you get really focused. All time and space kind of fades away. The task isn’t even really relevant except it got you here, in the flow. It happens to me regularly. It happens at work, it happens running, it quite often happens when I’m messing around in Logic writing music. (Logic is music recording software.) I’m not great at using it, but it gets me into a flow when it’s late and I can’t play my guitar. Plus, I can add drums and other sounds to whatever melodies and progressions I concoct. This song is the result of one time when I got into a flow state. I don’t know all the science behind how flow works, but it feels great and it’s good for your overall state of mind. It’s a place of peace. It also takes some work to get there, so it falls in line with this pattern I’m seeing in all my posts and many of the others I’ve read from the other writers contributing to this project. Real Peace is achieved. It takes work, struggle, effort. I’ll probably write more about that another day. For now, enjoy this song. It doesn’t have a name. I’m open to suggestions.


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