In the stillness of the Bethlehem night a Mystery was taking place.

God wrapped Godself in flesh and became one with its Created Ones.

Most lowly of castes; the working poor – he took his place.

Settling into the bosom of the teen mother.


In a moment, which resounded throughout eternity, time stood still.


To those who were marginalized was given the privilege of this moment.

The poor, the weak, the discarded all touched the face of God.

They came out of curiosity and left knowing a Secret kept from the Powerful.

Revealed to the powerless.


Divine Love arrived. Available to all who will hold this child close to their heart.


We are not that different.

We too, long to be known. Loved. Heard.

In the cacophony of inner and outer noise we search for what might fulfill us

coming up empty-handed.

Placing ourselves behind walls of isolation, fear and anxiety.

Thinking we are protecting ourselves when we are keeping peace at a distance.


Child, Divine Love has arrived. Right on time. Waiting for your embrace.


Bring this child close to your heart. Smell the intoxicating scent of a newborn.

Feel the warmth radiate from his tiny body to yours.

Consider his gaze; seeing only pure acceptance and love.


Divine Love has arrived. Right on time.


Breathe it in deeply. Mark this moment in time and eternity.

For Peace has found its home within.

And all is well.


Jeanette B

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