I Know Peace

This challenge to seek peace is so good for my soul. Driving down the road today I turned off the radio and drove in silence. I do this from time to time if I have something to contemplate, or if I want to talk to God, or sometimes just to be absent of noise. Today I did this to revel in peace. I thought to myself, there is so much peace to be experienced so seek it. I found it looming everywhere.

As I looked across the cool, barren corn field I saw it’s quiet stillness as peaceful. The slow effortless movements of the clouds as they transformed from one cotton candy-like piece of art into another, seemed peaceful. Crisp tall trees void of their beauty and splendor extending their arms to welcome visitors from nature…I saw peace. A rare sighting of a lone bluejay as he descended onto a fence row evoked a feeling of peace.

In this 30 minute drive I experienced peace in the long-standing roles of nature. As I pondered nature I noticed each piece knew it’s role and was content in it. So for today, I will follow suit. I will acknowledge my role and be at peace in it. I am a mother. I am at peace with that. I am a wife. I am at peace with that. I am a daughter. Peace. I am a friend, a nurse, and a worship leader. Peace, peace and peace.  The role that brings me the most peace is that of child of the One True King. Today I feel peace.

Nothing has changed in the tasks and challenges of today except my perception.  I know my role.  I know  peace.


For the past few Decembers my dear friend Josh has taken a personal journey to peace.  He has since beckoned others to join him in seeking peace for 25 days throughout December.  Be it through writing, drawing, music or any other expression, he challenges others to seek, reflect and experience peace.  Then the goal is to share it with others so that they too may reflect on peace and in some way take peace for their own and consequently share it with others.

visit www.254peace.org to enjoy peaceful reading and other expressions.

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