Dual, Non-dual

We are babies
We are grown

We are men
We are women

We are living
We are dead

We are human
We are inhuman

We are brave
We are scared to death

We are I
We are we

We are lost
We are found

We are alone
We are inseparable

We are evil
We are righteous

We suffer
We abide

We are nothing
We are everything

We are everything. Everyone is everything. To be human is to be everything from evil to righteous. Everything from an individual to all of consciousness. Everyone is everything. You are everything. I am everything. We are all of it. This is one of my fundamental beliefs about people. Have peace in knowing you don’t have to perform. Work to be better, but you are already good. Those who we see as bad have good in them, they just haven’t identified with it yet. The field is level. That’s one of the most beautiful reminders of this season. Peace is inevitable when the field is level.


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