Day 6 Let it Snow

I woke up this this morning after being sick for 6 days with the flu.I heard we would be getting some snow.  Not only is it beautiful but peacefull to watch.  It reminds me to be gratefull for the little things in life.  We didnt have snow last year at Christmas, I really believe it sets a peacefull mood to have snow on Christmas day.  Snow reminds me of the times being a kid and doing cardboard sledding if we couldnt afford a sled, doing snow angels, playing in the old snow mound by the old high school. Friends were friends back then and we would make up peacefully, Society has changed alot and with every generation- theres not alot of peace any more, but theres violence and hate.  We need to pray daily  for world peace and for others who need to have more peace in their  lives.

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