Day 16 A wonderfull peace from God alone.

We went for our last visit today at Human Services to see our Granddaughter,  I prayed to God for strength and peace of mind, to know I was doing the right thing by letting her be adopted to this wonderfull family.  We took presents over for her and her new family, and I was surprised but the mom says Merry Christmas and hands me a big envelope.  She says here is pictures of her from the beginnng and until now I wanted you to see we will love her, take care of her, and she has a nice home with pets and siblings,.  I know you werent there for alot of things but wanted to share these moments with you.  She took our picture with our granddaughter and promised to show her and she said we will keep contact.  I thank God he gave me peace I wrote her  a letter last night telling her I was never wanting to take her away from them that I just wanted to feel I had a piece of my son with me.  God gave me peace to thank her and tell her she is the right parents for my granddaughter.  and before this I would of not given up even if it did cost alot of money.  God taught me to look at my granddaughter;s best interest not what I wanted.  I finally felt at peace with this today,.

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