Day 15 Broken heart- peace of mind and peace of heart

My prodigal son story earlier also has a story about a wonderfull little baby girl who was put into the foster care system.  She was born with holes in her lungs, hole in heart, kidney problems, and has had cancer twice removed.  She is only one. and is a beautiful little girl, and been cancer free for three months,  I was told by bio mom i was not allowed to see her and acquired to see her at human services but was told to leave and go get a lawyer.  I then get a call later on from my son in prison saying he needed medical history papers filled out and who to contact at human sercvices,  my son begged me that day to go and try and save his daughter so we acquired about her and have got to see her for three visits.  I had no peace in my heart on this situation i would cry and i wanted to adopt the baby but we were told we would not be picked due to being late in  the picture which we had no control over we were told get a lawyer but would loose cause they choose the foster family over us.  I felt if i couldnt save my son , that maybe I could save his daughter and have a piece of him with me.  That was wrong.  Like I said I cant save him or anyone else God only can.  After many tears, madness, sadness, and mixed emotions.  I told the foster mom that I loved my granddaughter but know they can give her a better life.  She has more upcoming surgeries coming up and she has more medical background then me.  it was hard to walk away But God has given me peace knowing its for the babys best interest.  I am very thankfull to say they are a good Christian family and even though they dont do open adoption anymore the family has agreed to let us keep contact with our granddaughter.

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