Day 14 The prodigal son

I have my oldest son who is lost and incarcerated.  Its not a pleasant story to share but I had to have some peace on this subject.  My mind and my heart as a mom had no peace seeing him locked up and helping to raise his kids he is not allowed to see.  I asked God to open his eyes, and I believe he will but it will be on Gods time and not mine.  I begged and pleaded with him to make peace with God and himself.  He is currently incarcerated now too.  I thought I could save him, control him and keep him out of trouble.  THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE HIM IS GOD .  I had no peace in my mind or heart for his situation.  I would literally make myself sick, over his situations.  I had to give this to God and prayed God would give me some kind of peace in my mind and heart over this situation.    God is good and is seeing me threw this yes it hurts,  but I feel in my mind and heart that God has given me some peace over this situation.  A parent never wants to see there child fall, a mom tends to want to fix everything and make everything better,  but like I said God is the only one who can fix him .  Waiting faithfully for my happy ending of the prodigal son.

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