Day 1

At the end of a fairly typical day, surrounded by the stresses of work, politics, and life, I heard a Christmas song come on the radio. This was nothing new. WBCL has been playing Christmas music for several days, but today the music froze me in my tracks. I was compelled to sit down, and mentally absorb the beautiful, peaceful lyrics. To my surprise & joy, the stresses I had been concerning myself with began to melt away. I was blessed with a moment of peace. A calm from the storm. A time of silence where I could reflect on the goodness of God, the remembrance of who He is, and how He (not I) is in control. After a few moments, the song was over, and I slowly floated back to reality, but with a revised awareness of the fact that I don’t need to burden myself with every stressful event happening in the world. Sufficient for tomorrow is it’s own worry. Surely, I can’t bury my head in the sand, and wish my problems away. There are certain matters that must be addressed in my life. But I don’t have to be a fishing net for all things negative in the world. I choose to handle the problems in life that God has entrusted to me – and let Him handle the ones that He has not.

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