Day 1 Peace and the Holidays

My name is LouAnn Warner.  I have 5 wonderfull kids.  I am new to this, but thought it would be great to help find some peace during the holiday season.  I have a hard time at this time of the year.  I lost my father and brother awhile back ago.   I do have some peace with my brother;s passing he is no longer a addict and is no longer suffering.  Many times when he would overdose, I was the one callled to help him.  I believe he counted on me the most cause I would not judge him but encouraged him to get the help he needed.   At this time time of the year when I am depressed, I try to stay busy , and reach out to the less unfortunate and donate gifts to others.  I find peace at times by helping others.  seeing someone else happy makes me happy and at peace even if I am having a miserable day.

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