Checkmate (#12)

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Politics is anything but peaceful, but I see something coming that I feel ought to be addressed.

You’ve likely heard that President Obama has asked the intelligence community to look into recent computer hacking and its impact on the past election.  One of the most important things to a democracy is knowing that the advertised results of an election are the true results, so the integrity of an election is an important thing to guard.  There are countless countries in Africa that are in a constant state of turmoil because their election results can not be trusted.   They go through conflict after conflict simple because voting results can’t be trusted.

So, whether you agree with a single thing President Obama has done in his 2 terms or not, this is an important thing he is trying to do.

Unfortunately I believe we have been out played.

In chess you win the match by forcing your opponent’s king into a situation from which there is no way to escape to safety.  It requires delicate maneuvering and strategy to achieve this, but once your trap is set, there is no recourse.  The game is over.  The king is helpless, defeated.

We are in a political situation that has brought our country to the brink of a great divide.  Both sides are at fault, we share the blame.  Our country stands at the top of a terrible drop, teetering, poised to fall.  Our opponent has put us in a situation that seems inescapable.

I don’t know if our election results have been manipulated, but half of our country is unhappy with the current results.  They are perhaps predisposed to believe there was cheating.  The other half believes the election to have been won fairly, and will fight bitterly to defend their victory.   It doesn’t actually matter if the results were hacked by our opponents, they only have to convince us that they were, and there will be open war on our streets.

Perhaps results were affected by hacking.  In which case, our democracy is in danger.

Perhaps hacking didn’t successfully result in actually changing the outcome of the election, but it is far easier to plant evidence that it did, than to actually do it.

We may not be in checkmate just yet friends, but we may have only one way of escape.

No matter what side of the politic argument you fall on, please decide now, before the government concludes it’s study, that you will not respond in violence.

Pledge now to seek peace and unity in a disastrous situation.

We may have just one move left.

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