Day 4 -3 things we need to make peace with to live a authentic life.

  1. Peace with the past- Remember 2 key things in order  to let go of the past.   {a} We must know that the past taught us something, reminders,  and lessons.  {b} We can never turn back the hands of time to erase and undo the past.
  2. Peace with who we are
  3. Peace with our whole role in this world

Day 3 Importance of peace

The importance of peace-Peace is a product or a positive mental attitude while violence is the result of negative thinking.  Peace is the natural state of society, violence is unnatural state.  When peacefull conditions prevail in a society all activities take place in their proper form.  We all need more peace in this society,  We need to pray for ourselves and others daily. External peace- it includes world peace and social peace which is when there is no war within all nations and people.  and they live according to their will and enjoy their fundamental rights and religious freedom.

The virtuous cycle of peace- when we are peacefull we are able to think clearly and control our negative emotions a lot better than you can in a disturbed state of mind.  In fact all aspects of a persons life benefit from spending some  peacefull and quiet time alone.

Day 2 Definitions of Peace

Hebrew definition- of Peace is Harmony,wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility.

English version of peace- is reconciliation, silence, agreement.

Spiritual Peace- or peace of mind refers to a deliberate state psychological or spiritual calm despite the prescence of stressors, peace of mind, serenity, and calmness are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress.

Vital lessons learned ways to maintain peace of mind in tough times.

  1. Learn to trust yourself
  2. .Focus on what your learning
  3. Ease your expectations
  4. Open up to someone you trust
  5. Use hope to drive positive action
  6. move towards something instead of away
  7. Take a few steps back
  8. Give yourself time
  9. Look for the beginning in every ending

Day 1 Peace and the Holidays

My name is LouAnn Warner.  I have 5 wonderfull kids.  I am new to this, but thought it would be great to help find some peace during the holiday season.  I have a hard time at this time of the year.  I lost my father and brother awhile back ago.   I do have some peace with my brother;s passing he is no longer a addict and is no longer suffering.  Many times when he would overdose, I was the one callled to help him.  I believe he counted on me the most cause I would not judge him but encouraged him to get the help he needed.   At this time time of the year when I am depressed, I try to stay busy , and reach out to the less unfortunate and donate gifts to others.  I find peace at times by helping others.  seeing someone else happy makes me happy and at peace even if I am having a miserable day.